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Hotel in Yalta / Rest in Yalta

Rest in Yalta

At all times, rest in Yalta was considered prestigious. On the natural beauty of Pearls Crimea were known far beyond Ukraine and throughout the Soviet Union. Yalta crisp white handkerchief its buildings stretched along the shore of sea bay on the side of the main ridge of the Crimean mountains . In ancient times, this area was a settlement Yalita Greeks , and in the Middle Ages - Byzantine , Genoese Kaulita . Yalta in the period from 1475 to 1774 did not evolved and turned into a small fishing village , where there were a few miserable huts and a church. But after the Crimea to Russia in 1783, the lands of present Yalta were given enterprising big landowners . This contributed to the growth and development of the city stay in Yalta. This region became famous for its healing properties . Doctors Botkin and Dmitriev scrambled to use force in the treatment climate of Yalta. Botkin first suggested that the Yalta and the entire South Beach have the best climatic conditions for tuberculosis patients . On his advice, the royal Romanov family buys for himself Livadia . It served as a powerful impetus for the further development of recreation in Yalta.

Healing vacation in Yalta year round

отель Никита Консоль Спорт для отдыха в Ялтефасад гостиницы Консоль-Спорт НикитаHotel Nikita Sports Console to stay in hotels Yaltefasad Consol- Sport Nikitaev during the Soviet era villas and estates were nationalized and served as the basis for organizing them in sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels. So many hotels and inns in Yalta - this beautiful mansions of the past centuries , architectural monuments, and who continue to serve the people today . Staying in a hotel in Yalta and is currently in great demand , so you should be warned beforehand about their placement.

On vacation in Yalta you can come at any time of the year and see for yourself how useful a walk along the promenade and breathe the sea air , feel the breath of the sea on the skin . And in Yalta autumn and winter can often be a short walk around the streets even without a coat , walk in the woods , walk in the park or just sit in a cafe on the waterfront. Poets nothing called Yalta beauty, " pearl" of the Crimea. Boundless blue sea , fresh breath surf. And on the shore , of a bright green subtropical white stone palaces motels and hotels in Yalta sea. Behind them , piled almost a huge amphitheater in the sky gray- green mountains , giving special scenic coastline . room to stay in a hotel Yaltyapartamenty to stay in Yalta

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Where to stay on vacation in Crimea - Yalta

Many modern hotels and hotels located on the famous Yalta embankment or not far from it . So right out of the window of his room of hotel you can enjoy the picturesque Yalta bay , surrounding mountains , overlooking the Ai-Petri. Crimea Yalta stay - is an unforgettable experience and emotion. It offers modern spa hotels of Crimea and centers with a wide range of wellness services , indoor swimming pool and other amenities of civilization . They take tourists all year round . You can easily organize your holiday in Yalta without intermediaries, book a room in any your favorite hotel or rent a house in the private sector.

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rest in Yalta basseynKonsol -Sport Nikita - pool

Very popular among vacationers Yalta hotels with swimming pool. Such options now abound. In autumn or winter, early spring , when the sea is still chilly to swim , you and your child can enjoy a dip in the pool with sea water, the temperature of which will be absolutely comfortable. Pools of various sizes , with cups for children , there is even an Olympic . Variety of services offered in the indoor pool, making them particularly attractive. Here and thrilling water rides, and counter-flow and air geyser and waterfall , and even hydro . And what could be better than relaxing in Yalta without intermediaries, on a lounger in the company of friends! Therefore recommended hotels in Yalta with pools are always in demand by tourists and gladly invite everyone to stay in Yalta. Rest in Yalta owners - Spa Hotel Nikita Consol- Sport