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Spacious room hotel Yalta area of 26 m2, with no sea view and no balcony. Double bed, two rooms of the three have displayed sofas.

Cost today: 1 person. - 700 UAH., 2 pers. - 900 UAH.

These rooms are 21 m2. overlooking the sea. One of the two rooms without a balcony.

Cost today: 1 person. - 900 UAH., 2 pers. - 1100 UAH.

Spacious 2-room suite in the hotel Yalta area of ??36 m2, with a north-facing, no balcony. The bedroom has a 2-bed in the living room sofa. There is a possibility of additional third place.

Cost today: 1 person. - 1100 UAH., 2 pers. - 1300 UAH.

A cozy room with an area of ??30-35 m2, most of them with sea view and balcony, as well as a sofa in the room as a third extra space.

Cost today: 1 person. - 1300 UAH., 2 pers. - 1500 UAH.

Luxurious hotel rooms Nikita, whose area is 60 m2. Angular location of these rooms creates a panoramic view of the mountains and the coast. Rooms with balconies, there is the possibility of providing additional third place.

Cost today: 1 person. - 1800 UAH., 2 pers. - 2000 UAH.

Three rooms (two bedroom) of 60 m2. overlooking the sea. Two rooms with a French balcony. In the living room sofa, breakfast bar.

Cost today: 1 person. - 2000 UAH., 2 pers. - 2200 UAH.

Three-room suite with two bedrooms of 95 m2. Room with sea view, no balcony. Located in the apartment complex on the waterfront. Room sofa, kitchen with microwave, dressing room.

Cost today: 1 person. - 2600 UAH., 2 pers. - 2800 UAH.

Apartment A comfortable hotel in Yalta - Yalta two-room hotel with panoramic views of the sea and the mountain area of ??91 m2. Room sofa, a guest bathroom, two closets.

Cost today: 1 pers. - 3850 UAH., 2 pers. - 4000 UAH.